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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not here, or if you need more information, please contact us!

What size of BottleSox or TubeSox will fit my bottle?
We have done extensive research to size your bottle correctly with a Sox.  Please see our "About BottleSox and TubeSox" page.  It has a listing of many bottle types and will tell you the size that you need.

Will BottleSox and TubeSox really keep my water cooler? 
YES!  We have done many tests on our BottleSox, and depending on the time period your water will stay up to 25° cooler* than using a bottle alone!  See our "About BottleSox and TubeSox" page to see our testing data.  Also read our testimonials page to see what others are saying about BottleSox.
Will my bottle still fit in my bike cage with BottleSox?
BottleSox and TubeSox will fit in just about all standard cages.  We have purchased and/or tested all of the available cages that we could find.  The fit of a bottle in a cage depends on several factors.  Number one is the cage you use.  Some cages - in particular the plastic or carbon fiber cages such as a Tacx Tao - have a rubber ring to keep a bottle in the cage.  The outside material of BottleSox does not slide well on rubber.  Some others have an elastic band to secure the bottle, such as the Aquarack.  To use cages such as these, simply take the elastic band off and the BottleSox will work.  BottleSox is also designed to keep a bottle in a cage better, yet at the same time be easily taken out and put back.  The 3 mil material and rubber making up the neoprene make this happen.  We have not found any metal ones that do not work.  Please email us if you have a particularly slim cage and are worried about the fit.  We'll be able to tell you.

Can I Wash My BottleSox or TubeSox??
I just throw my dirty BottleSox or TubeSox in the washer on cold to clean them.  If they get tough stains, like mine get, use Shout, OxiClean or equal for the stains.  Let them air dry instead of putting them in the clothes dryer.  They dry really fast.  Remember to seal the hook velcro on the flap to the loop velcro on the body so you don't snag any other items in the washer.  If you have rhinestone bling on your Sox, we don't recommend using a dryer at all.  It is glue that holds those little stones on.

My new BottleSox rubber.
That's because they are made with neoprene rubber and the fabric on the outside is glued on.  The neoprene we use to make BottleSox and TubeSox is actually a piece of rubber with a nylon or polyester fabric glued on each side.  Before you use them, we recommend that you turn them inside out and wash them to help get rid of the new smell.  If you wash a BottleSox inside out, remember to seal the two velcro pieces of velcro together so you don't snag any other items in the washer.

Do BottleSox and TubeSox fit more than just sports bottles?
Yes!  We have designed sizes to fit bottled water, soda bottles and cans, all sizes of beer cans and bottles, and even baby bottles!  Check our size chart on the "About BottleSox and TubeSox" page see our extensive research on bottles.

Can I have BottleSox or TubeSox specially printed with my logo?
Yes!  We have been printing and heat pressing on our Sox since day one.  But we are now (July 2019) testing two new heat transfer processes that seem much better.  They will do one color to four color process.  Please call us for details. 

Do you have any that have attachments for carrying when I walk?
Yes.  After much testing and rebuilding, we now have SoxCaddy in five sizes to fit every BottleSox from Slim/Short to Regular/Wide.  SoxCaddy's have three bands of elastic to firmly hold your Sox and come with a shoulder strap.  The 3 larger sizes of SoxCaddy come with a small neoprene wine bottle holder attached to the side that can also carry your extra set of eye glasses.  They will be in our website soon.


Do you have any other sizes?
Currently we have 10 sizes of BottleSox and 3 sizes of TubeSox.  Our new ones are Regular/X-Tall and Regular/Wide and hold the two sizes of wine bottles.  They will be in our new website soon.
If you have a special size need, call us.  Our Patent Pending form can be adapted to just about any size bottle and can.  We would need to make new dies to cut your sizes out, which would require time and a minimum quantity.  Call or email us with any inquiries.

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