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Uses for BottleSox and TubeSox

Our first two products are BottleSox and TubeSox.  They were initially designed for sports such as biking, hiking, backpacking and golf.  However, we and our customers have found many more uses.  They are great for covering baby bottles to keep them clean, and cool or warm.  They are being used in the workplace to keep drinks cool and desks dry.  Because Sox uses a closed cell neoprene and  has a wicking fabric on the outside, it is very hard for condensation to form.  BottleSox are also great at the beach because you can seal the sand out of your cans or bottles.

Homemade Changes
One biker decided he wanted the benefit of cold water but did not want to undo the flap every time he wanted a drink.  His solution was just to cut a hole in the top of the flap to let the valve pop through.


Cell, money and key Carrier
When biking you can carry your cell phone, money and keys in a Slim/Short BottleSox to keep your stuff dry.  Then when you finish your ride and want 12 ounces of something to drink, you have a can holder.  Got a bunch of stuff?  Then use a Regular/Short.


Protect Your Baby while Using Glass Baby Bottles

A lot of parents are switching from plastic to glass baby bottles after the talk about BPA in plastics.  Are you a little worried about giving your infant a glass bottle?   Slip BottleSox or TubeSox onto the bottle, and your baby and your bottle are much more protected.


Hike with BottleSox
Keep your water cold while hiking like Hayden does.


How to use your BottleSox while Biking:

Step 1: Reach down to BottleSox

Step 2: Open flap and fold will stay!

Step 3: Pull bottle out of cage and drink!

Step 4: Put bottle back in cage.

Step 5: Pull flap straight up.

Step 6: Pull flap over and seal.

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