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About BottleSox and TubeSox

BottleSox and TubeSox were designed out of necessity.  A few years ago I was riding in the Hotter'N Hell Hundred, a 100 mile bike ride in Wichita Falls, Texas.  It was over 100 degrees hot!  At mile 70 I got tired of drinking hot water.  For the next 30 miles I mentally designed the water bottle cover.  Also, being a mountain bike rider, I realized the need to keep my water bottle valve clean to avoid bacterial infections from 'creek water splash' and 'trail grit'.  After years of careful product research, testing and development now everyone can bike with cool clean water using BottleSox or TubeSox.

Special Features of BottleSox

  • Most people (like me) have their own favorite water bottle.  BottleSox has been developed to fit YOUR bottle and keep your liquid at a cooler temperature.  There are 3 basic sizes of sports water bottles made for bikes and we have a Sox to fit them all.  They are made to fit snug to the bottle but still be easily removed from your bike bottle cage.  Also, the more perfectly your bottle or can is covered, the more insulation and protection it will have.
  • BottleSox is designed to "seal"- or encapsulate - your bottle when the flap is closed.  The Patent Pending shape of the flap and throat of BottleSox allows maximum sealing for your bottle, which keeps your bottle valve clean and your drink cooler.  It was developed under the same principle of closing the refrigerator door: you capture the cold....or closing the oven door: you capture the heat. 
  • BottleSox is made using a quality closed cell neoprene.  It's the same material used to make wetsuits.  It is more expensive, but worth it.  Unlike other cheap 'koozies' that are made out of a less effective open cell foam, our Sox are made with a closed cell neoprene so it is the best insulator.  Another benefit of closed cell neoprene is that it does not allow liquid migration into the rubber like an open cell foam which can turn into mold and mildew.  
  • BottleSox is also easy to use.  With the bottle in the cage, first reach down and pull the flap up. over and back.  It is designed to stay.  Then pull the bottle and BottleSox out of the cage and drink as you normally do. Then put the bottle and BottleSox back in the cage, as you normally do.  Then pull the flap up. over and down to seal the two velcro pieces together.  I am right handed so I keep my BottleSox flap to the left which makes it easier for me to open and close the flap with my right hand.  After a few times, it is second nature.  I never look down any more to use the flap.  Just remember to close the flap. pull it straight up and over.  It will seal.
  • BottleSox is also made with a specially made velcro.  It has a very agressive loop but a less agreeive hook so the loop will not wear out but will last a long, long time. 
  • BottleSox and TubeSox are also nice to use if you carry your bottles in the back of your jersey.  The heat of your back does not affect the temperature of the liquid in the bottle near as much as an unprotected bottle.
One of many bottle collections.

Testing the Product
Our tests were done using standard 24 ounce plastic sport bottles.  We also tested a standard bottle in a BottleSox against insulated bottles on the market.  The standard bottles in a BottleSox tested very close to insulated bottles, but the BottleSox still won.  Although the insulated bottles tested close to the BottleSox, they still did not have the valve protection with the flap of a BottleSox.  If you want REALLY cold water, put an insulated bottle in a BottleSox.  That combination is close to being a refrigerator!  (CAUTION:  Do not freeze the water in your insulated water bottle and also use a BottleSox.  It will be a while before the ice melts to have drinkable water.  It is best to freeze the water up to 1/2 or 3/4 full in the bottle.  Then add plain water just before your ride.  I found that out the hard way.  At 30 minutes into my ride, I still had solid ice.)  In the test, the bottles of water were refrigerated overnight before the testing, but ice was never added to the water.  An aquarium thermometer was placed in each bottle, then the bottles were put into the same type cycling cages used on bikes and strapped to the front of my bike.  I then rode around in sun baked 100 degree heat for 2 hours at 15 miles per hour stopping every 15 minutes to record the results.  
Our test results show just how cool your water will stay:



Water in uncovered regular water bottle.
Water in regular
water bottle
covered with a

Water in
water bottle

Water in
water bottle
covered with a 






After One





After Two





TubeSox was developed soon after BottleSox for those who would rather not have a top to their "Sox."  Although the flap of a BottleSox is designed to fold back and stay, some people like my Kona Ironman friend Rafael just don't want it.  TubeSox has been made in the same three heights as BottleSox to fit the three sizes of sports bottles for bikes.  I also use a TubeSox Regular/Short for drinking water during the day at home.  I just fold the top down below the lip of the glass and slide it on.  With a TubeSox my drink stays colder plus my hand and desk don't get wet from condensation.  As a reminder, BottleSox does more than just keeping liquids cool.  The flap on a BottleSox also protects the valve of your bottle from road dirt and bacteria.  Just look at the downtube of your bike to see the junk that is thown up by the rotation of your front tire which also lands on your bottle valve that you drink from.

Our BottleSox and TubeSox fit a variety of bottles and cans. Find one that fits your bottle!

What Size Do I Need?

Look at all of our charts, which we are updating now to be ready in August or September 2019.  We bet that your bottle is on one.  Find the right size you need so that your bottle is covered perfectly.  BottleSox is made with two different bottle diameters, Regular and Slim.   The Regulars fit a regular sport waterbottle that fits in a bike cage.  But note that the Regular Short fits the 20/21 oz. water bottle PLUS a 24 oz. beer can.  Now do we have your attention?   The Slim Tall fits the .5L soda bottles and .5Lwater bottles, plus many baby bottles and beer bottles.  The Slim Short (the little cute one) fits some baby bottles plus a 12 oz. can of whatever.  See how useful these can be?
The most important part is to measure the height of your bottle.  Neoprene will stretch so the diameter of your bottle can vary somewhat.  But the height is critical to get a good seal to encapsulate your bottle for maximum temperature retention.
BottleSox are manufactured so they are not entirely 'bottle specific', like most bottle covers are made. That means the way they are designed and manufactured, they will stretch to fit several sizes of bottles that are close in size.  The type of foldover, sewing style and neoprene grade and quality all work in concert to stretch to fit.
We are now making a new "Sox Size Chart" that will show you what fits what.  We are going to all the stores that sell bottles and cans, and fitting our Sox to the various bottles.  We will publish that list in our website soon.  If you have a questioin as to what Sox you need to fit your bottle or can just email us and we will research it for you. 

BottleSox Sizes:

Size: Regular/Short
(Regular body, Short height)
 most 20-21 ounce sport bottles, about 8 inches tall

 20-21 ounce "sports drink" bottles with a flat cap

 24 ounce beer cans, soda cans, energy drink cans

Size: Regular/Medium
(Regular body, Medium height)
 most 24-26 ounce sport bottles, from 8 3/8 to 9 1/2 inches tall

 20 ounce insulated sport bottle

 32 ounce plastic, wide mouth, hiking bottles

 20 ounce plastic soda bottles

 20 ounce "bottled water" bottles

Size: Regular/Tall
(Regular body, Tall height)
 most 26-28 ounce sport bottles, from 9 3/4 to 10 7/16 inches tall

 24 ounce insulated sport bottle, old and new styles

 24 ounce water and "sports drink" bottles with sipper tops

 1L soda bottles with screw on tops

Size: Slim/Short
(Slim body, Short height)
 8 ounce "bottled water" bottles 5 inches in height
 12 ounce soda and beer cans

Size: Slim/Medium
(Slim body, Medium height)
 16 ounce cans
 12 ounce juice bottles, 6 3/8 inches in height

Size: Slim/Tall
(Slim body, Tall height)
 The popular 16.9 oz "bottled water" bottles like Ozarka, 8 1/2 inches in height

 16.9 ounce soda bottles, 8 7/8 inches in height

 12 ounce wine coolers, 8 3/8 inches in height

Size: Slim/X-Tall
(Slim body, X-Tall height)
 12 ounce beer bottles, 9 inches in height

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