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As a new product, our BottleSox and TubeSox are not currently carried in stores.  We have been going 'stealth' until we have everything perfect.  Our Sox are now manufactured perfect, but we are waiting on a new neoprene due August 2019.   We are currently working on the best way to print your logo or name on our Sox.  New types of printing have just evolved in 2019 that now make this possible.  We are testing these processes to find which ones work, and which ones don't work.  We will have that completed by late 2019.
We have had several shops throughout Texas - and as far as California - express interest in stocking BottleSox and TubeSox.  If our new neoprene tests well we will enter an order for it in August 2019.  Production could take 4 - 5 months.  When we are finally ready to offer to the public we will publish a page directing you to any local bike shops that carry BottleSox and/or TubeSox.

If you're interested in carrying our products in your retail outlet, please contact us.

NicheLab LLC* 11604 Broad Oaks Dr.* Austin, TX * USA * 78759
Phone: 512-970-2733

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