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About Us

NicheLab was created to make niche products.  Many people have a need, and say, "I wish someone would make a doodad that would.......!" Well, BottleSox is our first doodad.  Being involved in sports, BottleSox was my first invention.  It began with the need to keep my own water bottle cold while biking the Hotter'N Hell Hundred.  At mile 70 I got tired of drinking hot water and from that point to the finish line I thought up the design for BottleSox.  I had a few made and found myself lending them to fellow bikers... and never getting them back.  After 2 years of product research and development, the final design of BottleSox was finished.  Soon after TubeSox followed.  What we thought would take a year to develope and make perfect has taken 8 years and over 145 prototypes.  We are a family run business and found another family run business to manufacture our Sox in the USA!  Skinz Protective Gear is in Arizona manufacturers our Sox and they are true craftsmen....and craftswomen.  We feel really blessed to have found them.

       The first BottleSox---effective, but ugly.

The new BottleSox---
effective and professional looking!
Note: The BottleSox name has been moved
to the bottom back to allow names and logo's
to be put on the flap.


NicheLab's Goals
  • To make quality products in the USA.
  • To make a product that actually works as described.
  • To make a quality bottle cover that keeps your drinks cold or warm and still looks good.
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products by testing to excess.

Our BottleSox, TubeSox and SoxCaddy's are Manufactured In AMERICA by Skinz Protective Gear in Minnesota.  Skinz is a family owned and run company that worked for 6 years making over 137 prototypes with changes to materials and production to make our Sox "perfect".  Each BottleSox, TubeSox and SoxCaddy is handmade, and the quality shows.

NicheLab LLC* 11604 Broad Oaks Dr.* Austin, TX * USA * 78759
Phone: 512-970-2733

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