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Here's what our customers are saying...

Recently I got a Slim / X-Tall BottleSox.  I did not use it until yesterday.
When it is warm like this I always put a pint bottle of water in the freezer the night before going to thegolf course.  I then take the bottle with me and have cold water until the 3rh or 4th hole.  Well yesterdayI put my frozen bottle in my little BottleSox.  I had Ice cold water the whole round.  Of course I kept refilling it as I went around the course, and I noticed on the 17th hole thee was still a small chunk of icein the bottom doing it's job.
Won't go golfing again without my BottleSox.
           Vic Smith - Georgetown Texas - 2013
We received our BottleSox today.  They are great!!  The Sundrop bottle fits perfectly!  The wife loves hers and said she can't wait to use it at work.  You have a fantastic product.  Thanks for the personal and extremely fast service.  
            Kevin Syler - 2013
I bought two black BottleSox at the HHH10 for the first year you guys had them at a booth there.  They were the special HHH100 models...and both are still used 5-6 days a week.  it is crazy how cold my drinks stay when I put cold water & ice in the insulated bottles....then slide my BottleSox over them.  I think I've had them about 5 years now.  And a local Texas owned product to boot:)  I will be buying gifts to my riding buddies...since mine are still working fine!
            Merland Albert - 2012
I received my order today and wanted to thank you for the quick shipping.  Although my website is just fishing I also guide bike tours for my buddies business (Whidbey Island Kayacking Co.) here on WhidbeyIsland.  We buy bulk packs of the small 500ml bottled drinking water for our clients and your Sox work great for making them fit in a standard bicycle bottle cage.
              Steve Mooney - 2012
Took the BottleSox and TubeSox out on our club ride this morning!  I think EVERYONE commented on them.  I had a lot of people ask about them.  I know one of our Ironman Triathletes is going to be ordering some.
Bottom line....They worked perfect.  I actually did my own test with them yesterday.  I filled 4x 24 oz bottleswith ice cubes.  One I left bare and uncovered.  One was in a TubeSox and the other two were for the old style of BottleSox and the new style BottleSox.4 hours later the uncovered bottle was warm and all of the ice was melted.  The TubeSox was also melted, but the water was cold..  Both BottleSox still had ice cubes and the water was perfect!  Without actually checking the temperture of the two BottleSox I am not sure which one was "colder", but personally, I like the thicker sleeve of the new style BottleSox.
What would really be nice is if the option to customize them was available.  Some Team Army or Ride2Recovery BottleSox would be great:)  (note from Dinty: working on that now.  Looks like we may have just found the best way to print one to full color logos on our Sox.  See the new samples at our booth at the HHH in 2013.)
                 John Saunders - 2011
I picked up a TubeSox during the consumer show of the HHH and I wanted to tell you how great your product is.  My water stayed a lot colder for a lot longer and my only regret was not buying a few more!  I will definitely be 
buying more in the future.  Thanks again!
                  Andrew - 2011
Yes -----very cool!  Love that they keep the 'road dust' off our water bottles when we bike.
                            Kathy Juda - 2011
Do you hear that?  That is ice!  I usually finish with hot water and this year I finished with ice!
                            Sandra - HHH - 2010 
"The best thing since green stamps!"
                    Carmen Casillas at the Hotter n Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, TX

"After two hours in the heat (probably 95 degrees) there was still ice in my bottle!!  It worked very well!"
                    Tracy Ragsdale
                    after riding the 2007 Hotter n Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls, TX

"It worked great.  It was cool!"
                    Zachary Ragsdale, 7
                    after riding the 2007 Hotter n Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls, TX
For Baby Bottles:
"I have to have warm water for my baby's formula when traveling.  Using BottleSox I found that when I used hot water out of the sink, it stayed warm for 1 hour.  When I used boiling water, it stayed hot for 3 hours!"
                           Shelly - Austin
I've used the BottleSox at work and at play, and it continues to keep my water or sports drink cooler, maintaining even the ice in the drink for over 2 hours of basketball in a gym, and provides the magic to having the longest lasting cold and refreshing beverage drink.
Additionally, it keeps my desk dry without a coaster, and eliminates the small condensation puddles from forming int he gym.  I'll tell you that the other players appreciate not sitting in one of those.
                                 Bryon Hobbs -  Austin


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